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James M. Perry
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Default RE: Kids' behavior on board

Let me start by revealing my prejudices. I'm 49, single, and have a low tolerance for children. I don't blame kids for being kids, and I understand there is only so much parents can do. I also realize that most of the time kids are as well or better behaved than a lot of adults, I also have a low tolerance for adults who act like jerks. In the case of the adults I'm less forgiving. Because of my sensitivity to the special; needs of children and families, I try to schedule my vacations for times and places there won't be very many children around. Having said that, I've never had a single bad incident aboard a cruise ship involving a child and there have always been some children on every cruise I've sailed.

I read the feature article about the incident onboard Voyager. The first thing that occurred to me is that it shouldn't surprise anyone who has seen RCCL's advertisements for this ship. The ads, with the reckless skateboarder and loud driving music, seem to appeal directly to people who want to "lose control." Maybe RCCL should reconsider who they are directing their marketing to.

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