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Default RE: Kids' behavior on board

We were on the Voyager in Jan. and our cruise was ruined by a large group of unruly kids (ages 8-14). RCI did nothing to try to control these kids, they were in the bars, casinos, hot tubs, shows, bingo, spa, etc. everywhere they should not have been. Dinner was like being at McDonaldland. We have always cruised late Jan, because kids should be in school, but a large group of schools in NY were off for the week. What a disaster!!! One night the comedian just walked off the stage, we saw him later and he said he just couldn't concentrate on his act, these kids were throwing things on the stage and mouthing off continually to him. I confronted one of the "parents" and she wagged her finger in my face and said, "my child is on vacation and he can do anything he wants to!" and they did. I've been on 24 cruises and RCI will be my last pick from now on.
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