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Default RE: Kids' behavior on board

I know how you felt, and we were sailing at a non-kid time of the year. No one knows what a horrible experience it is until it happens to them. I really feel that if the cruise had been ten days it would have become violent. People were really getting upset and RCI didn't do a thing. Right, they sent us a $300 certificate, like I want to have my vacation ruined again, we also called it the cruise from HELL!! and it was. The kids just totally took over the ship, casino, pool, whirlpools, lounges, bars, show lounges, you name it they caused a total riot, even in the Viking Crown Lounge at 1:30am!! I've been on 24 cruises and sailed on all the major lines and some not so major (even Disney and the Big Red Boat) and never saw such behavior and lack of rule enforcement. People knock Carnival, but it was one of our must enjoyable cruises, certainly nothing like the behavior we saw on RCI and we are cruising with them again in Jan.
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