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Rosemary Vivinetto
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Default RE: Kids' behavior on board

I sailed on the Norwegian Wind during February week last year with my 17 year old son. The first thing I did was go to the pursars office and tell him that I did not want my 17 year old being served alcohol on the ship. He assured me that young people had to be 18 (which I think is too young) to drink on board and that 2 identifications would be asked of kids. I also told him to make a note on my sons credit card that no alcohol was to be served to him or charged by him. My son normally is a great kid and well-behaved but I was not going to be with him 24 hours a day as my husband and I and son wanted to have a good time on this cruise and parents being glued to a 17 year old would not be fun for him. Part of being on a cruise for a child and my son has been on 8 other cruises is meeting other kids. I of course had no idea what type of teenagers he would meet. I never heard any disruptions on the cruise by the teenagers but when I got my bill on the last day there were several beers charged to my son's credit card. This was the last day and even though I was livid with him I had no time to complain to NCL as we got off the ship very early. My son was punished by my husband and I for this and I wrote to NCL. They wrote me an apologetic letter but essentially said they could do nothing about teenagers buying drinks as many bartenders did sell them to kids and it was difficult to control. They did nothing to accomodate me. I feel the pursurs office had lied to me. I think there is a way by not allowing the charge card to work with under age children. I also feel they should raise the drinking age on ships. Parents are part of the blame for the disruption on the Voyager but I still feel the cruise line has to tighten their rules and I know parents would appreciate it especially about drinking.
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