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Default Do you take your kids out of school to cruise?

I've been reading a lot of boards, where parents are taking their kids out of school to cruise. Is this a common practice? Recently, before Thanksgiving, my niece's paternal grandmother took her on a cruise. My niece missed Thursday and Friday and I was more upset than my sister. The grandmother is retired and my niece has a fall break (kind of like a spring break but in the fall) before Christmas she could have taken her then. I've read some reviews where parents take their kids out of school for a week or longer to cruise in February or some other time when I know school is in session. I love kids, I work with them almost every weekend but I was just concerned about parents taking them out of school to cruise. They have so many school breaks now, a cruise can easily be planned to adhere to their school breaks. Just wondering. I'm a big education person and taking a child out of school for a cruise is a bit much. No I'm not a teacher. Especially since they have summer break, fall break, Thanksgiving and Christmas break, Spring Break not to mention all the long weekends...Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day, Martin Luther King Day.
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