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Joy Booker
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Default Re: Do you take your kids out of school to cruise?

We are planning to cruise next January and are taking the kids along (their first time, husband and I have gone several times). I agree with some of the other posters, they can learn a lot on a vacation.

The one question that was holding me back - should we take them out of school for a vacation? We have pretty much decided we are going to go for it. My 10 year old twins will be in middle school then, my younger in 4th grade (I am not worried about him so much).

We will do what others have said, get assignments ahead of time, work with them while we are on the road and ship, with the understanding that they may have some catching up to do when they return.

We could not afford to go at any of the times they are not scheduled in school, but really wanted them to experience a cruise (this is where my husband and I met, on a cruise, so they are curious....).

I can't wait, and neither can they! By the way, we are planning to go on Carnival's Celebration, and the trip we are taking is actually a fundraiser (Carnival is the only cruiseline that offers fundraisers....). All 5 of us are going for less than $2,000 for a 5 nighter, which is awesome!
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