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Default Re: Undecided about bringing baby

Hi Donalee,

"Babies on cruises" can occassionally be a "hot button topic" so we hope you don't take any comments you might receive here personally.

I have two sons, now in their teens, and they've cruised with us a number of times. I don't hate children, even on cruise ships when I'm cruising without mine<G>

To offer an honest opinion, I don't believe there is any way you can enjoy the entire cruise experience with an 11 month old along. Carnival has some limited baby sitting services available, but nothing on a regularily scheduled basis. They use staff from room stewards, to camp carnival staff, who are interested in earning extra $.
Being on a ship is not like being at home. The baby will demand even more of your time on a ship, and the facilities you are used to will not be handy.
I'll likely be accused of being an auger AGAIN <g> but personally I'd recommend waiting until everyone in the family can enjoy the experience together.

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