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Default Re: Is a Nile River Cruise in Egypt okay for kids

Dear Vince:
I spoke with a fellow travel writer who has cruised the Nile (without children) and loved it. However, he did have some pointers to consider especially since you'll be traveling with your kids:
* Summer is extremely hot. Make sure your Nile boat/ship has a pool for the kids to splash in.
* There is a lot of traveling via transfers from the ship to see the antiquities which may get a bit cumbersome for the kids. The tours are generally geared towards adults.
*If you're looking for mummies, most are in the Cairo Museum rather than on a Nile cruise.
* Most ships are careful about food and water, but he did mention that it isn't hard to get tummy troubles.

I hope this helps make your decision. Keep me posted!
Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor
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