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I assume you know that Celebrity Cruises' youth program is offered on a a seasonal basis, meaning that it is only offered during the summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter and spring breaks ("spring break" varies by state so that this time period lasts many weeks aboard ship). I hope that your travel agent checked with Celebrity at your time of booking to make sure the youth/teen programs will be in place when you cruise in March.
That said, we took our three year old daughter on Celebrity many years ago (the first of her now nine cruises) and she was truly treated like a "celebrity" by the staff. We still laugh at the photos of her surrounded by doting waiters. Friends of mine recently cruised Celebrity with grade school children and were very happy with the youth program, counselors, security system in place, etc. Also, there should be a kids' menu in the main dining room.
Celebrity is a wonderful product -- excellent food, great facilities, and friendly staff. It should be a good cruise.
Smooth Sailing!
Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor
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