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Default Re: Cruising with an infant

We arrived in Vancouver a day before we sailed. We shipped diapers and formula to the hotel and I tracked it on Fed Ex so I knew it was there. Enfamil sells four ounce premixed formula that you just open and stick on the nipple. We shipped two cases. Yes, it was expensive, but it made feeding our 8 week old so much easier - no mess, nor worry about cleaning bottles (we also bought a bunch of nipples plus tipped the room steward for bringing us some "boiling" water to clean the used ones). We also brought along some diaper disposal bags (they are blue and used them for dirty diapers and no one can smell anything). We didn't have to lug the heavy diaper and formula on the plane. For toddlers, I would suggest a safeline "stroller/car seat" - they are FAA certified for use on the plane and then convert to stroller (the wheels come out like landing gear!) there is a sun shade attachment you can buy, as well. We bought the carseat and the diapers bags at the RightStart website.
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