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melissa lennan
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Default Re: Car seats in taxis

well i found a good portable car seat but its just a car seat not stroller. its called the tote n go $ 28 its supposed to be good i was just reading about it...for children 25-45 lbs i think it was. maybe that will help. you could get the combi savvy soho stroller...and bring along the portable car seat . the stroller is a fold and sling, very light weight 13lbs can be thrown over shoulder with the shoulder strap (reading this out of april issue of american baby mag) can safely navigate stairs and escalators (which is great for me cuz i live in new york and i'm alwasy in the city with the baby) it has a musical canopy for playing cd's and it says dont mistake light for flimsy aluminum parts keep lightweight stollers strong.... . it s a pretty nice looking stroller too. there is a picture .. so i think that is what i will do .. get the portable carseat , and get the stroller. for the cruise i'm going on. but if you have any better ideas please please please let me know
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