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Default Re: Re: Re: Car seats in taxis

Thanks for all the ideas! I guess I'm looking for that one perfect product, but it doesn't seem anyone makes it! I'm starting to favor the tote 'n go, just because it's usually not that long we'd be in a taxi. Here's a review on it: The only problem is, what to do about the plane ride. I'm still debating to get her her own seat, which I'm favoring. I could always bring along the big seat to use & then just store it in the cabin. I'd rather bring along a smaller stroller than the sit n stroll just for the fact that I'm hoping she'll sleep in it, so I'd like for it to recline. I've read about kids sleeping through shows & stuff that way, so hopefully she will too. If not, we'll be sitting on our balcony while she sleeps in her crib! I'm still going to keep searching though & I'll post anything else I can find. We have until Sept, so maybe something new will come out!
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