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Default Re: Childrens programs for a two year old

I just got back from Royal Caribbean's Explorer 7day cruise and found absolutely nothing for my 19 mo old to do. They have a playroom for 3-5 that my son enjoyed for about 2 minutes. Right away someone came and asked if he was potty trained and I said no. They said that even if I stayed with him, because of health regulations, my son could not stay. So, with my son wailing, I took him to the kiddie pool. He loved it. But that only lasted one day. The next day it was closed for remodeling and never opened again. So, I took my son to the adult pool which has about four feet of width into the pool that my son could play in (amongst sun bathers). He didn't like it one bit. So, I was left with nothing. I had to "invent" for him things to do such as climbing the stairs from one to the fourteenth floor, see the fish, and just run around after him (I was exhausted by the end of the trip). Not to mention that the only entertainment on TV was the cartoon network that doesn't offer much entertainment for toddlers. He did enjoy the shows at night. That's about it. When we went to Mexico, the final destination, I took a taxi to the nearest playground and that I would say was the most fun he had. The beach he didn't like much because of the sand and salt water that would get in his eyes. So again, I was chasing after him at the beach. Don't get me wrong, my son has no problem traveling. I've taken him to many places and he's been just fine. But in this cruise, he was enclosed and without much to do.
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