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Default Family Cruising - Maximum Capacity

Hi -

I just posted the below on another board....but then found this one and thought this might be the better forum..... =)

I just was looking into taking another cruise late next year around Christmas. Or perhaps early next year. But I wanted to take my entire family. I am having trouble finding rates for 5 people.

I was looking into a cruise on the Millenium and was informed they do not have cabins large enough for 5 people.

I know the family staterooms on the Century and Mercury will sleep 5, but I can't get a quote on that without calling a travel agent.

What other ships have cabins with a capacity for 5. This is two adults and 3 children. None of the children are old enough to stay by themselves. I know I can get two cabins and my husband and I could each sleep in one, but I was wanting us to all be together. In December 04, one child will be 2 and the other 6 months (not even here yet). The third Child will be 13.

Any advice on family cruising is greatly appreciated.
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