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We were on the Carnival Conquest in November when our daughter was 13 months old. Some tips I can add are: milk was sitting out on the breakfast buffet, so we would take a few for our room. (We had a fridge, but you could put them in the ice bucket.) We usually ate lunch at the buffet, and they didn't have milk then. If you ate in the dining room though, I bet you could order it. We took the early dinner seating. It worked well for us. Some nights we asked for our dessert to go so she wouldn't have to sit as long. For formal night, I say wear the fancy stuff! Get your picture taken as many times as you want by their photographers ( you're not obligated to buy.) We ended up with a really beautiful picture and people were asking to get their picture taken with our daughter in her sailor dress. On shore excursions you're on your own for lunch. Sometimes we just wait till we're back on the boat to have a late lunch. You can also book your own shore tours yourself before you go. It saves money. I would take a pair of pants and long sleeves for everyone. It's windy at sea, cool at night, sometimes cool inside the ship, and you never know if it might rain.
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