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Default Re: Sit n Stroll Stroller?

I have a two year old, she will be 3 in April and I didn't realize that I should use a car seat in the airplane. My travel agent never said anything to me about it to me. The TA is my parents age, who also like my TA are from a time when child seats weren't used and view the regulations regarding them as an inconveinence more than anything else. Now I am going to take my carseat but I am just wondering how I can make carrying that huge thing around more conveinent. My daughter and I will be traveling alone and will be meeting my parents in PR. I want to bring a stroller also, my parents insist that they will carry her and how often will we need the stroller they ask. But even if she doesn't get in it it is conveinent because I can put my bags on it. I have a cheap umbrella stroller but want it to survive the trip. How can I prepare it so it doesn't get damaged en route? Thanks for the link about air travel and child safety. I am obsessed about her safety in the car, but can't believe I didn't think much about it on the plane. Thanks for any information you can give.
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