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< we certainly wouldn't spend $1800+ for a week on dining out($1800+ X 15% tip = $280).>

My post was directed to your math, Fergus. Your total tip for 4 people would be $280 on your sign and sail card. That $280 *isn't* only for the meals, therefore, you can't look at the $280 as the 15% tip of a $1,800 dining out bill.

Let's say the dining staff gets $6.50 per person/per day. That's $45.50 per person for the entire 7 days or $183.00 total. If you consider your tip to be 15% of your meals costs, then your total meal cost for the week would be $1,220. ($1,220 X 15% = $183.00).

You can't eat in a 4 star restaurant 3 meals a day for four people at $1,220 on land.

Everyone should tip what they feel comfortable tipping, but IMHO you get your money's worth on a cruise, even if you tip the recommended $10 per day.



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