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Default Re: motion sickness medicine for children

Have a couple of back up plans. 1. If your child gets motion sickness when riding in the car or on an airplane then try the sea-bands , yes they work very well, pressure points. My girlfriend's son get severe motion sickness -he wore the bands on the cruise and had no problems at all.
2. If the seabands don't seem to be working go for the Bonine, i think it works better than Dramamine, ask the Pharmasist about dosage for kids. Have them take it at night to avoid the possible sleepy side-effects- keep taking it for a couple of days, back it off and see what happens, if your child still gets the "queezies" and that " I think i am going to throw-up" feeling, start on the Bonine again.

3. For the occassional mild queezie - have some ginger cookies, or a glass of ginger ale and get them outside into the fresh air. Keep them busy and active to take their minds off of the "feeling"
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