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Default Re: Parents of teens - how much freedom?

How old of a teen?

I noticed a big change with my cruise last nov. vs a cruise with my teens 3 years ago. I noticed information that parents are held responsible for their children's activities , and I think even though there were 1,000 kids on our sailing , I never saw groups of kids acting in any destructive or unruly (?--- jeez that makes me sound old ) manner. I think the security is higher than it used to be .

I dont think a few check in 's is asking to much , and I dont think that asking your son to sleep in his cabin is too much also .
It sounds like he wants some freedom, and a ship is a great place to allow him some within the limits you feel comfortable with.

The nights when there are shore excursions the next day you may regret allowing him to stay up until daylight--

Well, here are my personal thoughts -- if he's not a young teen. Let him decide when to go to bed , make sure he knows the plans for the next day and what time he needs to be up. YOu may want to go over stuff that isnt a good idea -- like roughhousing, destroying property -- but im guessing he knows this already. YOu might discuss the alcohol issue, or consequences of using drugs. Same stuff as at home .

There isnt too much to do on a ship late at night other than hang around and talk. I really dont think the same rules apply as at home -- the "who" "where" "what " thing --- If you trust him at home, he's not going to change on the ship -- I wouldnt make a huge deal about the check ins --- its not that easy to keep track of the time if youre on vacation

One thing I loved about cruising with my teens was the fact I could give them this kind of freedom, and it always crossed my mind were I on a land vacation I'd never let them have it --

Have a great trip
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