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Default Re: Parents of teens - how much freedom?

Group of 20 going - 12 of which are kids and 8 of those teens. We have set fairly strict rules between the four families. In cabins by 10:00 and 11:00 depending on age, in port every kid is with parents, do not leave your drink or turn your back on it, older teen boys to watch after young ladies in discos and just out and about, walkie-talkies with each person, eating suppers with parents each night, will have check-in times during day and evening, no going to anyone else's cabin, no bringing anyone to your cabin, and those are both with the exception of our group's cabins although within our group, no girls in boy's cabins and vice versa, no giving out personal information without parental approval. Any foolishness (ie: cruising the elevators, running on decks, etc...) means lost privileges. All rules are up for re-evaluation once on board. We felt it better to start strict and possibly be able to loosen up than the other way. The old - "Don't smile before Thanksgiving" addage as many of us are teachers. Cruise ships should be considered no more or less safe than the rest of the world. There is too much that could too easily happen with little or no way to know when or where.

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