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Default Re: Parents of teens - how much freedom?

pg wrote: Wow, Do all you parents who let your kids have 1 am curfews do that at home? I guess I can see it with a teen over 16, but I think that is very late for the younger teens.
I know it's a vacation, but isn't 10 or 11 late enough for a 12- 15 yr old?
'My son is almost 14and there is no way I'd let him wander the ship till 1 am. What earth would they be doing, plus they would be hanging out with much older kids.
Another important factor is kids sleeping in till noon, when in port, what a WASTE! I guess on sea days it's not such a big factor, then I'd be more lenient, but I still say they can sit in their cabin and watch a movie,after say, 11.
Am I that old fashioned or what??

We recently got back from Alaska. Our kids are 13 and 14. Originally, I had set an 11 o'clock curfew, but our ship really did have structured activities for that age group until 1:30, so I loosened up. I must admit, I was very anxious about it, and I was uncomfortable not knowing where they were so late, so we bought a stack of stickipads. After 10:00, they needed to let me know where they were. If they couldn't find us, they were to leave a note on a sticky pad, attached to the television. Similarly, I left notes for them about where to find us, or any special directions (like "Meet us at the buffet at 12:00 midnight!")

We never had trouble finding them when we wanted them. An added benefit was that my son, who tends to be a bit shy, had a great time with his group of friends, who he often didn't get to see during the day, because they were off doing things with their parents.



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