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Default Re: Parents of teens - how much freedom?

"I cruise" wrote: We were on the 22nd sailing on the Victory to Halifax last week. Wonderful time, food, service and shows etc. But, the kids, all ages had the worst behavior I have ever seen on any of my cruises. Running the hallways, throwing ice, playing on elevators, rude to passengers and just pushing on buffet lines. I could go on. Not a parent in site. Teens in groups traveling around the ship at 2am alone. Staff and officers saw all of this and did nothing that I could see. Many people we met said they would not return to cruise on Carnival. They really need to correct this. My children always enjoyed the kids/teen programs on all our cruises. This time is was way out of control.

It is unfortunate that the kids behaved badly.

That really wasn't true on our cruise. I never saw any of the kids misbehaving like that.

There was a large group of about 50 16-18 year olds on our trip, though, who we called "The Herd" (because they moved in a mass from one place to another). Apparently, their parents have sent them on a month-long trip, which included this trip to Alaska and a cruise to Hawaii. Even they weren't really misbehaving. They didn't **quite** understand the concept of formal night, and it could be intimidating to be sitting in an area and have all 50 of them descend upon you en masse, but there was none of the roughhousing or such that you refer to. (I do have a wonderful picture of about 15 of them asleep on Capt. Larry's boat.... I wonder if their parents understand that they spent all that money for a place to sleep!)



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