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Default 3 year old twins not potty trained

Hi Everyone,

We will leaving in 2 weeks time for a 7 night Mexican cruise with 3 year old twin boy's aboard the Diamond Princess. But before leaving, there were a few questions I had. Can anyone help me out by answering these:

1. Is homogenized milk available on board?
2. Any tips on heating bottles during the night?
3.Our boy's are not yet fully potty trained, would we be able to change their diapers and leave them in the kids area for an hour while eating dinner? Are the counsellors pretty lenient with this?
4.Are we allowed to stay with our children in the kid's zone?
5. If anyone else has travelled on the Diamond Princess with kids, how are the play facilities?
6. About the baby sitting services that are available, does anyone know if it is in cabin only?

Best of luck to everyone on their future cruises!
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