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Default Re: 3 year old twins not potty trained

Cherith I am not making assummptions. I SAID "ask your dentist about the bottle". You won't because you know the answer. bottles for three year olds are wrong., it can destroy their teeth.There is not a dentist anywhere who would not tell you that.
As for the skin disease, my girlfriends son has one, any bump can cause terrible blisters, any sun, or heat , the same. He has a nurse that visits the school twice a week to " pop" blisters( they are not like normal ones, they continue to grow if not popped) She still does not treat him like a freak.
You are defensive, and that is fine, but you aren't doing your children any favours, and I stand by the bottle is a no no.
A for yyour children being born premature, that has nothing to do with it, my son was one month early( which I know is not the same as three) and by the time a premature child is three they have pretty well " caught up". It obviously scared you ( as it would have anyone) when your children were born early, and it must have been a difficult time to be always worrying about the boys health, but you have got to let go, and stop being a worrywart, your kids are fine, and growing up. let them.

Kslinks, Obviously a cleft palate is different, although you also did not mention a dentist being consulted.

Being phsyically difficult to use a cup is one thing, but it sounds like it is an emotional issue for some, it can be difficult to wean a child who is used to a bottle before ( or in) bed and some parents will take the easy route. I maintain that the easy route in parenting is not always the right one.
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