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Default Cherith

Cherith I hope you enjoyed your trip with your precious twins. I know how traumatic it is to have children born as prematurely as yours were and how difficult it is to make the trip home from the hospital without your children. It's natural for a mom to be overprotective and possibly "baby" her kids after dealing with that. Most moms fortunately never know the heart ache or how much you missed out on when you were travelling back and forth between NICU's and home without you boys. Know that even though they may be developmentally delayed right now, often times with early intervention, they will catch up with children of the same chronological age.

I hope you were able to enjoy your trip and your boys! We're booked on a cruise for next winter and I'm hoping that the people who post on these boards aren't a adequate representation of what I'll meet. If so, it will be our last cruise.

For the rest of you PERFECT parents, get over yourselves and hope that your child never has any type of catastrophic injury or illness that would leave others judging you and your treatment of them. A child born prior to 32 weeks is not fully developed and delays occur. Cherith's children were born 3 months early. Generally children born at 28 weeks or less face serious complications. A 3 year old drinking from a bottle is a lot less of a problem than some of what this mom might be facing. Unless you're a Neonatologist you may want to refrain from your judgemental commentary.
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