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Default Re: Is Millennium kid friendly?

The Millennium is my favorite cruise ship of all time! My family went on it when I was 16, and I had a blast hanging out in the pool-sized hot tub and disco (even though I had to sneak in since I wasn't 18). There were a lot of programs for kids as well, such as deck parties for teens at night, and sports and games for younger kids. My brother, who was 12 at the time had a great time as well, and spent a lot of time with the kids club, or hanging out in the music library. There were a lot of kids on board as well, and my brother and I met a lot of friends, some of which we still keep in touch with.

Even though the kids programs on Celebrity are generally not as good as those on Royal Caribbean (my family's favorite cruise line), they are still good, and the Millennium is so beautiful that it definitely makes up for it

If you have any other questions about the ship, just let me know:

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