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rhonda dean
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Default Re: Re: 5 month old twins?

Well, I now have 6 year old twin girls, and they will be going with us on their first cruise in october, as well as their 9 year old brother. I have cruised three times in the past without them, so this will be a new thing for me too! I have had the experience of having 5 month old twins, and maybe i can give you some insight. I take it that your twins have just been born? What if you you and hubby each take a small stroller that lies down, and you each take care of a baby? The car seats will get pretty heavy with a five month old etc... What I use to do was feed them in their stroller. Now eating in the dinning room, you could purchase the little seats that hook onto tables! Little tiny high chairs that hook onto the table. Or, what I did was purchase two booster seat high chairs. they are really small, and you strap them onto the chair, and they have their own little tray attached. When people would invite us over for dinner etc.. I would take those with me, and it was a make shift high chair. In some cases, I would put a little plastic mat on the floor and put the booster seats on the mat. If the babies are a little too small, you can put a blanket around their little bodies. I am sure, if you give the waiters a little cash tip every night, they will go out of their way to help you get the seats set up, before the other guests arrive. My babies never liked the carrying pouches (go figure) But I would do this. each take your individual stroller that reclines, and put the pouch in the diaper bag(suggest a back pack diaper bag) or put it in the back of the stroller. this way when they get tired off shore, you can find shade, feed them, recline then, and put them to sleep for a nap. Whenever hubby and i would travel, and space was small, we would take two strollers. The double stroller was my life line, since my husband works nigthts as a musician, and i work days as a hairdresser. So a lot of times, i was alone with all three kids!!!!!!!! anymore twin questions, just send me a note. I don't know about babysitting? But that would solve dinner dinning problems. Heck, you can have lunch on the lido deck with the kids hanging out in their strollers.

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