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Default Re: Parents of teens - how much freedom?

I'm a long time cruiser and have two sons 17 and 8. While many of you seem like great parents and at home the curfews are tottaly in place, a cruise is a horse of a diffrent color. On our first cruise with our older son we told him in the cabin by 1130...he was 15 at time..we quickly learned that this was overkill as the disco didnt start until 11. While he is older then a lot of your teens i would say 1-2 is right for younger teens and to allow older kids basically free reign of the ship at night as nothin worse will happen at 1 then it will at 3. As long as your teens get up for the early excursion cut them some slack and allow them to go out at night. Trust me if they see all the other teens haveing a blast and they are stuck in bed they'll wreck your cruise too.
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