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Default Re: Parents of teens - how much freedom?

i have two teen girls (15 and 16) and i have been on 3 cruises with them. the latest cruise was in july on the carnival conquest. the girls had their own cabin next to mine and i felt completely comfortable on our past 3 cruises letting them stay out until 2am, but this past cruise i decided to let them stay out as late as they wanted, because they are older and more responsible. they usually stayed out until around 2 or 3 in the morning. all i asked of them was to let me know what time they were in their room by calling my me when they were about to go to sleep. they went on family excursions while the ship was in port and ate dinner with me and my husband. we had a lot of nice family time while in port, and it was also nice to seperate from them and let them do their own things since we all don't agree on the same activities. my girls met a lot of nice friends that we met once when we saw them around the ship. i think that if you trust your children at home and they are well behaved, its fine to let them do whatever they want. this is their vacation too and i believe that they are safe on a cruise ship, i would much rather have them hanging out on a ship late at night than driving around town at home. when my girls are at home their curfew is 1 am and i thought that since this was a vacation and a time to have fun and since they were older, that they should be old enough and responsible enough to decide for themselves what time they wanted to go in, but i required that they stay together. that was no problem since they were are best friends. each parent has different rules and expectations, but i just want to remind you all of what you were like as being a teenager and how much freedom you wanted from your parents. if you trust your children at home, you should be able to trust them on a cruise ship. happy cruising!!!
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