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Paul and Phylis
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Default Viking River Cruises

We are interested in cruising in Europe and have stumbled across an intriguing group called Viking River Cruises. We have their brouchure and a video that they sent on request, but can't seem to find any practical experience/reviews about this cruise line, the experience, the value, etc.

Does anyone out there know anything about them? We are considering going on their 9-day French river cruise in October with an extra 3-day stopover in Paris, but this will be instead of a Meditterean cruise during the same time (with a carrier yet to be decided upon). This will be our 12th cruise, but the first time in Europe, the first time on a river cruise, and by far the smallest ship that we will have been on since we started. We understand not to expect any entertainment, gambling, etc., but this cruise line also includes a number of city tours at the various stops, and also includes trans-Atlantic airfare, so we are giving it serious consideration.

Any input pro or con would be appreciated!

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