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Default Re: Just got back from 1st cruise

Ain't it a terrible way to spend a week. Sunshine, blue water, pampered service , every meal out, a show or two every night,
someone to pick up the towels and make the bed and you can drink all you want and not worry about a DWI.Pools, Hot tubs , casinos ,shopping and a new port every day or so to explore.Beautiful women in elegant gowns accompanied by men in tuxedos,happy couples, happy families, happy singles.Sunrise approaching a tropical island and sunsets fading into the ocean. More stars than you ever saw in the big city.Fan coral, brain coral ,angel fish and parrot fish and hundreds of fish in differing colors,shapes and sizes beneath BLUE BLUE water.Steel bamds , string quartets,singers, comedians and dancers to entertain 24/7. Every one saying "yes sir, how can I help you". Who would possibly enjoy that?
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