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Terry Owen
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Default Re: Disney Cruise Magic

I am in the process of trying to book the most "affordable" yet enjoyable cruise possible. I am running into some huge issues that you might be able to answer for me... remember now.. I am looking for affordable yet

1) I have 2 adult son's (20 & 18) that I want to take along,
2) I have a 10yr old that I want to take along and who is spoiled with the
Disney children's approach.
3) I would like to have a cabin that sleeps 5 due to the cost per person
but all ships (Disney excluded) only offer sleeps 4. This means that
I must pay full price for 4 and only realize the lower price for my 10yr
old who will stay in the cabin with my wife and I.
4) My older sons didn't cruise the Disney with us last year and I don't
see to much fun for them on the Disney cruise anyway.
5) We like the ports of Cayman, Cozumel and Jamacia over what the
Disney's western Caribbean ports offer.
6) would like to have a casino available.
7) Loved the wait staff and personal service on the Disney which my
wife and I didn't experience on the NCL cruise we took in November
8) would like to be able to finance and pay for the cruise if possible, allowing me to be able to book NOW, vice wait.

So I guess I need some help with the "affordable and enjoyable" search.
would like one that gives me the great children's programs (5 stars), yet offers young adults some fun, offers great shows and casinos, pools and wait staff experience.... can be affordable with 2 staterooms are across from one another (my boys would get the smaller inside cabin, while my wife and daughter and I have the Oceanview cabin. Now, if there is a cruise line other than Disney (to pricey and not enough for young adults) that offers a cabin for 5, I would entertain this option too.

So I need a Western carib cruise that have Cayman's Cozumel that has the children's program rated like Disney's and a young adults "fun" rated like your single's cruises.. with the shows and casino for my wife and I... that is affordable... meets everyone's expectations... where I can drop my 10yr old off for the day while my wife and I have some "private time" all of which I might be able to finance and book now.

can you help with suggestions.
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