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Default Re: Travel Agents?

Do a little local research and find a cruise only travel agent or a TA who specializes in cruises at a larger vacation type TA. This is not one whereyou use the TA at the office who is real good at booking business airfare and hotels.
Talk to the TA and tell them you likes and dislikes (party,/ quiet; casual/formal,
sunand beach/histoic touring etc etc.) Will you have kids with you, family, singles, or older folks. Do you want structured dining , something in between or totally "freestyle".
Inside cabin, outside, balconey, suite. 3 day 4 day 7day 10 day 11day 14 day, around the world in 95 days? Do you want your own transpotation or use the cruiselines? Do you want pre or post stay time ? After 10 cruises I still use a TA to book . Yes I pretty much know what I want, but she always manages to dazzle me with something. (great airfare, a hotel suggestion etc.). You will pay the TA and walk out with a
receipt outlining the trip you are paying for. I have never seen a significant difference between what I have paid and ANY fare I've seen elsewhere.
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