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Default Re: Seattle - Alaska Cruise Sept 7 2003 Norwegian Sun

I have been on the NCL Sun to the Western Carribean and it was a great ship. I haven't been to Alaska so I don't know how that will be, but the ship itself is great. They had a lot of activities and we were never bored. I think if you go with an open mind, you will enjoy yourselves. Those that think it a "sailing" motel 6 wouldn't be happy about anything. There will be lines for embarkation. You have 2000 people all wanting to get on the ship. There will be restaurants that you have to pay for but you know that going in. You know drinks will be expensive but not any more than any other cruiselines. Bingo is expensive but not any higher than other cruiselines. These are some of the complaints that people have. Also they complain about the fact that a relatively new ship shouldn't have stains or worn carpet. Well if you have 2000+ people spilling stuff and roaming around weekly it tends to get worn. People just complain when there's nothing else to do. I think you all will have a great time and take it for what it is. It is a wonderful way to enjoy food, drink, scenery, companionship, rest and relaxation to let people do almost everything for you for 7 days. We just took our 3rd cruise, 2 on NCL and one on Royal Caribbean and we loved them all. Every cruise had it's good points and bad. Have a wonderful time. Also to Ellis, you don't have to worry about how much "fun" you are to others. That is the great thing about freestyle cruising. You can eat by yourselves if you want and when you want. If your illness is bad at a certain time, you can rest and eat when it suits you. If your husband keeps to himself then you don't have to do group activities. My husband and I just do things by ourselves on cruises. We are not usually "joiners" either unless we hit it off with someone on the cruise. We have a great time just with each other and the activities we are doing.


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