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Default Re: absolute necessary items

Never needed more power outlets, didn't need the vacuum bags (they were more a hindrance than a help), didn't need a bungee cord or a night light... we had an inside cabin and it was never totally dark, didn't need bug spray... Alaska in June was no problem, only read a couple of pages of the book I took, duct tape?? no had no need for it, hand sanitizer was on the ship already.

Binoculars came in handy, sunscreen a must anywhere you go, swimmers, zip lock bags of all sizes were a good idea, post-it notes if you want to leave notes for each other, extra money on top of what you think you will need.....and
Most important take a sense of humour, plenty of patience and a friendly disposition.

Don't waste time or money worrying about taking all this and that stuff.... just relax and enjoy your cruise.

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