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Default Is it OK to be fat?

My fiance and I will be taking our first cruise in 10 days, and I am a bit worried about the treatment I will recieve from both the staff and other cruisers due to my size. I have noticed that many messages on this site and on focus on the size of cruisers, and their apparant lack of self-control. I am young (early 20s), but may have a medical condition that causes my body to store a large amount of fat in my abdominal area, thus giving me a sort of "apple" shaped body. I know that I am no longer pleasant to look at in a swim suit, but I want to enjoy myself. However, I also don't want to be one of the people complained about in the "gripes" section who visually disturbed someone else's cruise experience. Any thoughts or comments (from either the fat or skinny side of the equation)?
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