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Default Re: Is it OK to be fat?

I know I will most likely get flamed for my comment but this is the way I feel. I am not fat nor am I skinny, I am pleasently plump. The problem that I see is if overweight people would wear their weight in a respectable fashion and with dignity there would be no problem. Where the problem begins is when a 300 pound 5'5" female wears a bikini and thinks she's hot or the 300 pound 5'7" man who has only lifted a beer for exersize thinks he looks hot in speedoo's. Bathing suits and other LOOSE fitting clothing are fine for overweight folks but lets show some dignity, don't try to be something your not. I don't have the body I once had so I don't try to look like that person anymore. SOOOO!! dress for your present weight and figure not the weight and figure you dream of.

P.S. When people say I'm overweight I just say "thats not true, I'm just short for my weight".
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