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Default Re: Is it OK to be fat?

Cruiseguy, no "flaming" from me! I agree with you 100%....

I am a plus size woman but dress appropriately. Now I know that some people are attracted to heavy woman and that is great however I am a heavy woman that thinks there is nothing attractive about an overweight woman or man in an itty bitty swimsuit!!! Then again I also think that women with larger than normal breasts should keep their bras on but that is my opinion as well......haha

As far as the original post.....there are people that are going to make comments, roll their eyes, sneer their noses regardless of what you have on regardless of where you are at and regardless if you are fat or skinny. That is just the way people are. Wear something in taste and that you are comfortable with. Everyone can't be happy all of the time so you might as well make sure that you are!

Enjoy your cruise. Live and let live.
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