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Default Deck Chair Etiquette

Hi, my first cruise was on Carnival Fascination in Feb 04, so I'm still "green" on how some things work on cruises. I guess I was naive, but when we went up to one of the pool decks, I assumed there would be plenty of chairs. Alas, I was irritated to find that EVERY SINGLE chair on EVERY deck space was unavailable. It's not that they were full of people: half had people in them, and half just had people's stuff and were being "reserved."

I quickly learned that the only way my wife and I could sit in the sun, was for me to go up on deck around 8a.m. and put towels, books, sandals on a couple chairs. I felt sleazy doing this, but when in Rome.....

Is this normal and accepted behavior on all cruise lines, or just a Carnival thing?

We're going on the Norwegian Crown in June, and I'm hoping that because it's smaller and fewer people, chairs won't be such a problem.....or am I deluding myself?
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