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Default Re: SEASICK

I am very prone to motion sickness... very rarely can I ride in the back seat... that being said, I had my Dr write 3 prescriptions for our family patches... the closer the cruise got the more worried I became about patch side effects. So, I thought... Im a big girl... I can fight it (sea sickness).... WRONG ! I was perfect the whole first day... the next day WHAM ! Like a kick in the stomach ! I was horribly ill.... my hubby slapped the patch on my neck as I lay on the bed crying wanting to go home... the next day... good to go ! I will say that I had cotton mouth & blurry vision... hubby & son had to read menu & other items to me , if I tried to read Id feel dizzy ! Also... I did try to snorkel & that totally disoriented me... got my head under water & was totally confused which way was up or down & started to panic... BUT.... all in all.... I say the patch saved the rest of the trip ! My mother in law put hers on about the 3rd night... and she noticed she had a hard time concentrating ! We didnt stop using them until we completed our return flight home & I am still a bit "wobbly / weak" after almost 3 full days now.... Hubby says NO MORE CRUISING FOR YOU !! I said... WHAT ? I CAN LIVE WITH WOBBLY !!!

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