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Default Re: SEASICK

My husband is very prone to seasickness, due to an inner ear problem. He's tried ginger (capsules and candied) and sea bands (the elasticized ones), but neither helped. He swears by meclizine (generic Bonine-- also in non-drowsy Dramamine), but just to be on the safe side, I ordered him a Relief Band before our cruise last September. He never needed it, so we didn't get a chance to try it out. But a couple of months later, I... uh... overindulged, you might say. After worshipping the porcelain god for awhile, I remembered the Relief Band and put it on. Voila! Worked like an amazing charm! When my daughter suffered from morning sickness this past spring, I loaned it to her (after she got the ok from her doctor)... but it didn't help her. One thing I've found, though-- any skin cream will work just as well as the conducting gel they sell.

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