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Hi Hez and other guys,

I have not sailed on the Explorer, but am a travel agent, and was on her in March. Absolutly a beautiful ship. You guys are going to have a lot of fun. I was onboard for hours, during embarkation, and there was a wide variety of passengers. I saw at least 10 gay couples/singles right off the bat, and there was not a special gay group onboard this specific date that I was there. Nice to know that we gay guys and girls enjoy sailing with the masses.

The ship has soooooo much to do, as you would expect for it's size. But you really won't feel that it is too big. Just may not see everything on a 7day. "The Chamber" is a medium sized 2 level disco that is so cool. It has a Medival design, very flamboyant, with gargoyles, and the like. Nice wine bar for the quiter times though. I could go on and on, but you'll have more fun just "exploring" her once on board, and eat, eat eat, the food was great. Be sure to see at least on show in the "Studio/Ice Rink".

Hope you guys have a lot of fun, and report back on your cruise... love hearing how it was.

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