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Default Re: Re: SILVER CLOUD - June 8, 2002

Hi John,
Thanks so much for your reply. It's great to hear from another gay couple who sailed on Silversea. To answer your question, YES, I would love any insight you can provide on Silversea. While I have sailed on almost 50 cruises, this will be my first time on a so-called upscale line.

While it would be nice to have at least one other gay couple onboard, I'm not too concerned. I'm certain we will make friends with whomever we meet, and since the cruise is rather port intensive, a good bit of time will be spent off the ship.

We are sailing 11 days from Rome to Lisbon. Very interested to hear any comments on the ship, service, Stanley , and so forth. We are currently booked in a Vista Suite. For $1000 more total, we can upgrade to a Verandah suite. Do you think it's worth it? I'm debating, as I could spend that $1000 on many things in Europe. If the cabin were going to be larger, the decision would be easier, but it will be the same size as the Vista.

I will be interested to hear how RSSC compares. We were going to sail on SEVEN SEAS MARINER on June 6, but changed our mind to Silversea at the last minute. I've heard nothing but great things about both lines, but we decided we wanted a smaller more intimate ship......... since we have never been on one.

Please feel free to email me directly, and I look forward to your comments.

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