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Default Re: can i marry my girlfriend on a cruise, legally?

Unfortunately there is no same sex marriage that would be considered legal. The closest you can come to that is a civil union in Vermont but you have to live there to take avantage of the benefits that come with it. Once you leave the state it is like you never went.

On a cruise ship, even though the ship has a Chapel, the ceremony takes place while in port. It is not legal out at sea. I do know that on some all gay cruises they perform commitment ceremonies. You can choose to have a commitment ceremony any where you choose. I do not know if the cruise chaplin will perform a gay ceremony or not. They would need to be a pretty libral chaplin if you know what I mean.

I to would love to have my commitment ceremony on a ship but I would have my own officiator perform the ceremony. You can book the chapel on the ship for your ceremony and if you have your own officiator they cannot stop you as long as you are paying just like a heterosexual couple, the only difference is the Captain or Chaplin are not performing the ceremony.

If you decide to get married on the Legend on April 3, 2003 me and my friends will be there to cheer you on!
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