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Default Re: my first RSVP cruise...

I will be on the Que Rico cruise also. I am going under the "Share" program too. This is the third cruise with RSVP that I have done by myself (2 other land based ones too). I have had a blast at every one of them. It is so very easy to meet people. I always leave with new friends, and keep running into people I have met before on the next trip. It is a great mix of people, and the entertainment is generally very good.

Participate in everything you can . You never know what is going to happen, and you'll have a great time. Last year on the LA Mexico cruise I went to one of the bingo sessions cause people kept telling me they were a lot of fun, but I was skeptical (It's bingo for goodness sake). It was a lot of fun, and by the end, Danny had talked one of the ship's dancers completely out of his uniform while on stage. It was hilarious (.. and he was really cute too).

Be sure and take outfits/costumes for all of the parties and dances. It is a lot of fun that way. I still wonder what is going through the crew's mind when they see most of the guests all thoughout the ship in just underwear on the night of the underwear party.
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