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Default Re: Re: my first RSVP cruise...

Hey, Jason - I remember you! Although we never met...
Your hints are good. Just finishing my packing for the cruises - difficult since I'm doing 3 weeks on it. I can normally scoot by with one big suitcase & 1 carry on, but with new luggage airline restrictions I have to split it to two ;-( And I don't bring a lot of the extras like leather or grand costumes. I did that on my first 2-3 RSVPs and found they didn't add that much enjoyment, so I gotimaginative (and light-weight) on the costume and went with leather shorts and ball cap for that night. The killer for me is shoes. Specific nes for the kilt, specific for the formal, specific for the casual, specific for sports, specific for dancing - sheesh - and of course they're all heavy. Not to mention swim fins & gear. At least they have the underwear parties for a "light" evening ;-).

I'm getting the feeling that these will be two really special weeks with RSVP - can feel the excitement building already, more than on past cruises... I've found that the people really make or break the cruise. Generally most people are really on good behavior during these and it's pleasant...
Now we just have to pray for good weather, especially for New Orleans!!
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