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Tom Schaefer
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Default Re: Re: Cruising on Cruises

Suggestion #1: Check the boarding photo graphs as soon as they are put up for sale. You can window shop on who fits your fancy, see who is traveling alone and who is traveling with another of the same gender. You can then see if they are chasing the other sex...if not switch on the gaydar. Once they are identified you can stike up a conversation.
Suggestion # 2: Turn gaydar on full strength.....look for Family members working in the bars and ask if they have any recommendations for that weeks beaches etc. The Cruise Directors assistants historically are family members..great resource for info and contacts. When on the Century I spotted the shore excursion manager...just my type but saw no indication he was anything but straight. well I went up to him and asked if there were any gay beaches at our various stops. He came back with "exactly what are you looking for"......I froze....then took a big sip of my drink and responded.....someone that looks as good as you. I thought the women close to me would drop dead on the spot. The shore excursion manager said...would I do.....I said my dreams....taking his come back as a joke. Two hours later while I was dressing for the evening meal there was a knock at the verranda glass sliding was him...he ahd climbed over the balcony!
Never made supper.

Suggestion: sauna 4pm to 6pm.........nuff said.
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