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Default Re: multiple ships departing on the same day from Miami...

I've sailed when there's been more than one ship sailing for a particular cruiseline and never had a problem. There was signs pointing "Ectasy", "Triumph", etc. You get the picture. You are seperated out according to ship. Please don't stress. The first cruise I went on I was so scared I would forget something! But it went smooth and when you are finished with the paperwork and walk up that ramp...oh my what a feeling! Enjoy every second of it! And my opinion is get there early. We've always been fortunate enough to board around noon and start our vacation early. We live in Florida so we don't have to fly, but we plan on getting to Miami on the morning of our cruise around 10am. I figure by the time we park and all that, it will be 11pm and we should be able to start doing the paperwork stuff. I was on the Paradise for it's maiden voyage. You'll love it.

Any other questions?
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