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Default Re: Are Atlantis Cruises Worth It?

Hello Paul and Paul;
My partner and I have done many cruises over the years, Straight, All Gay, Gay Group. I can tell you that we have enjoyed them all but do believe that the ALL Gay sailings are not for everyone. I try to tell you about ALL Gay vs. Gay Group.

Atlantis and RSVP do a good job at packaging an ALL GAY cruise. Atlantis is more laid back casual and informal, while RSVP is closer to a Tradition Crusie with Formal nights etc. I think of the two RSVP does a better job. Ages are mixed from late 20's to 70's on both. Couples are about 60% and lots of singles traveling with groups of friends. Like everthing else with Gay Men, you see mild to wild. These cruises are not floating Bath Houses, but lots a stuff goes on if that is what you are looking for. At the same time you'll find many nice quiet couples enjoying a week of just be together in a world were everyone is gay. It can be very interesting. I have never found RSVP or Atlantis to be priced cheaply, but you get a good time for your money. They are now using some better ships and more cruise linesGay Group sailings; Pied Piper, Now Voyager, etc. take groups on straight sailings. There are more sailings to choose from and prices are lower. We have even gotten a credit after the cruise line reduced price for a sailing. That never happens on Straight or All Gay sailings. Group Sailings tend to be more couples and the age group a little older averaging around 50. Depending on the sailing the Grup size can be anywhere from 20 -120 or more. There are two differrent Groups on this year's Millenium post Thanksgiving sailing 1130. So far there will be close to 300 guys on board. The dress and style of these sailings is what ever the ship and line offer. The Groupswill always have a few cocktail parties and sit together for dinner. Tours as a group are also offered. We find that these gay group sailings are to our liking more than the All Gay sailings. We meet and make frineds easier and like the ships and the class better. Are next Group Sailing is Jan. 12, 2004 on the Maiden Sailing of the new QM2. We booked with Pied Piper and so far I beleive there are about 60 in the group. This should be the trip of a lifetime as she'll be the first new true ocean liner in over 30 years, the biggest and most expensive ship ever. . Peter and I will only do an All Gay cruise nowdays if we are traveling with a group of friends.

If you like cruising I am sure you will enjoy which ever cruise you pick . I would be more than happy to ansews any questions you have.

Dan and Peter
Phila., Pa.
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