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Default Re: Re: Ugly incident - Monarch Halloween cruise

I was checking to see if anything had been posted here at Cruisemates. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Everyone should be aware of Royal Caribbean / Celebrity's policies on dealing with violent crimes onboard their ships. If you are attacked or raped or molested on a Royal Caribbean vessel it is best to ask to be locked up yourself, because Royal Caribbean will not detain the assailants while you are on the cruise. In this case the victim was in no way attracting nor deserved of the attack. It is not like a bar room brawl. He was viciously attacked by 4 passengers.

We need the cruiseline's assurances that they protect passengers from violent acts. That if a violent act is perpetrated onboard that they will take care of you onboard (ie medical expenses) and assist you in prosecuting the assailants when back onshore.

As of now they claim that medical expenses are the same as if you were in a bar onshore and had a fight. That you would be liable for your own medical. They notified the FBI of the incident and consider that their assistance in prosecuting the assailants. They cannot detain individuals who have committed violent acts onboard. It is not within their powers.

Write to them and ask them what they would do if you were involved in an incident? Then consider bookiing another cruiseline that cares.

jeff (aka Kroooz-Cams)
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